Adoptee and Birth parent Reunion Stories

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Note: While many adoption reunions are happy, there are many attempts where either the birth parent or the adoptee is not willing to be reunited. This page only contains success stories. For the reunions which are difficult or where rejection is met, see http://www. adopting. org/success. html.

recent adoption reunion 8 Apr 97
I have just finished spending Easter with my biological family. I discovered I have 2 brothers. I have been accepted with open arms and cannnot describe the feeling of being a whole person! Finally, I know who I am. I totally agree with nature vs. nurture. I can put the puzzle pieces together. I love my brothers and hope to be a part of their lives forever. Still on a cloud, Susan
miller782@msn. com

What a success! !
What a great article! ! I am an adopted birth mother. I was placed for adoption at birth and the gave my baby up for adoption when I was 18. I've seen both sides of the adoption process. Fortunately, I was able to locate my birth mother five years ago, my birth father's family two years ago, and was reunited with my birth daughter just last year. What a sucess! ! Thanks for your info! !
eocamaro@jps. com
search success
If anyone out there is hesitant about searching, don't be. It is the most wonderful feeling finally knowing where you come from. I just wish I had done it sooner. I have a whole other family to add to mine. I'm whole at last!
ctann1@aol. com

On Sunday Feb 23, 1997 I was reunited with both of my birthparents. It was the happiest day of my life! My birthparents have been married 42 yrs. The reunion was overwhelming for all of us. I can't express the emotional high that I have been on for these last couple of days. I want to thank everyone who has helped me, and whose support and encouragement I couldn't have done this without. Thanks so much! Terry Wolfson at TND659@AOL. Com (birthdate 5-18-54 NY)
Reunion Thanks to YOU and some angels,
My name is Renda Owens, I posted my husbands information here in hopes that someone searching for him would find it and find him as a result. As it turns out two angels working together found his post in here and on Birthquest and decided to help us out. They went about doing what ever searching they could, and on feb 13th, 1997 one of them gave us a call, they had a phone #. WE called! It was her, and she wanted to see her son. We were there the next day! It was wonderfull! It turns out that he is her only child, an only son! She now has a grandaughter and step grandson. Oh and of course me, her daughter-in-law. It is the best thing that has ever happened and my husband is so very, very happy. She has said many times that this is the best thing that has ever happened, and her friends are all so happy for her. We now have a new and very loved member to our family! ! ! ! !

Please put REUNITED beside my husbands name for us! ! ! God Bless and thanks with all our hearts! ! ! !
Craig and Renda Owens
neonmonkey@geocities. com

My posting was listed for only a couple of weeks! ! ! I have been searching for my biological mother for 17 years and was found by a first cousin at your web site. I really thought it was never going to happen. . . never. . . never. . . I am still in shock. . . Every out there looking please. . . please do not give up! ! ! MY mother went through several marriages (name changes) and moved through several states, I was just about to put the search on the shelf. . . . . . again. . . . I am glad I didn't one of my three half sisters are coming over in about 3 hours. . . I am sooooo nervous and happy. Please keep on looking, it's better than winning the 25 Million dollar NY lotto drawing (although it would've been the icing on the cake)! ! ! !
DSpanky@gnn. com (Cary Brech)

pumpkin@mail. myriad. net

My Story of Reunion

Adoptee reunited with birth brother
I just want to tell other people who are looking for their birth relatives, don't stop looking. I found my birth brother last year. I was told by my adoptive parents, that my birth mother had put me in a foster home because she had intentions of coming back to get me when her fiancee and her got married. Well, I can only suppose ( after hearing various stories from aunts ) that he took off. The family kept my birth a secret and in 1989, my birth mother died of cancer and took this secret to her grave. Only a couple of Aunt's knew there's was a child out there. Well, my birth brother going through Brampton two years ago ( where I live! ! ) meets his Aunt ( my mother's sister in-Law ) and she tells him that there was another child. He immediately started his search for me. Would you believe that I decided to look for my Birth mother at approximately the same time, after my Sister died. When we reunited, I felt at last that pieces where finally coming together. I always wanted to look for my Birth Family but was so afraid of disrupting both my Adoptive Parents lives as well as my Birth Families lives. I wish now, I had done it. But if I find my Birth father, I will not hate him for leaving her. I will tell him that I was raised by the most loving and caring family that anybody could have ever wanted. Signing off for now,
ADDPLUS@netcom. ca
Endorsement of the ISSR01/27/97
I see you have repeatedly mentioned the internatiojnal soundex reunion registry. I want to give my support and a breif encounter with my experience with this group. I was able to open my file in June of last year, through the aid of a court petition and an intermediary. Due to the error of the intermediary, my years of hard work were almost slammed in my face. A judge demanded the file closed after all the paperwork was signed by both me, and the birth mother. She has since married my birth father and hee, too, wanted a reunion. I was able to get a message through to the isrr via the supervisor of the intermediary that had made a mistake. She contacted the birth father and simply mentioned that I was registered with the registry, and the connection was made in hours. This after a month or more of paperwork, and a rollrsoaster of emotions, which would have come to a horrible end without the aid of the registry. Listing them on your adoption pages, could possibly save alot of people from a horrible experience. Thanks for your time. Adoptees searching as well as birth families appreciate your effort.
LADYTI1@aol. com

re: searching for Robert Joseph Daley Jr. 01-13-97
I finally found my birth father, after many years of searching. without the internet I don't know if it would have been posible. I would like to thank everyone who has responded to my posts and all the encouragement that I have received. We will be meeting soon. We have had a wonderful conversation on the phone. thank you very much, words can't express my feelings right now! ! !
niel@snowcrest. net
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Glenda - 12 months ago
After looking for my birth sister since I was 17, now 62, she found me through a step cousin of mine, that was good friends with her parents!!! We look so much alike! Unfortunately a letter she wrote to our mom wasn't good. Our mom doesn't want to know her, so here I am trying not to say anything to my mom about our meeting. I'm hoping eventually mom will talk about her. #1
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