Adoptee and Birth parent Reunion Stories

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Adoptee and Birth parent Reunion Stories

Our second success story:08/96
When I finally got around to signing up for the International Soundex Reunion Registery they matched me and my mom. I am flying next weekend to meet her! I can't believe it. I just wanted to thank you for the email note(s) and advice. You may not remember but everyone has been so helpful I just wanted to say THANKS!!!!!!
Steve (bdad search next with help from bmom)

Another success:08/96
Last week I posted a note on your bulletin board. This week I can tell you I found my birth mother. I did not find her on the net but the information I was able to gather on the net helped me to put the pieces of the puzzle together. This story is only just beginning as we have only talked long enough to verify that we are mother and daughter. I am anxiously awaiting her return call. I wanted to say to those of you still looking, good luck and best wishes. Last night I became a real person and it feels good just to know. Mari Lynn

Success: 08/26/96
In regard posting: Brother missing for very long time via adoption Birthname John Emanuel Trifillis may remove posting. and Announce: THANK YOU: BROTHER FOUND , HAPPY BEGINNING! Don't any one give up, the search is like a roller coaster, but just when I was ready to give up(again) I found him, Be persistant ask questions and if you don't get the answer ask again elsewhere! You can do it! Thankyou , good luck in your search, and God bless You all.

Success: 09/18/96
Thank you so very much for hangin' in there with me last week, I must have really been brainstorming. I'm writing to let you know......I found my bmom, and found out from her what I thought was my half sister is my full biological sister. I've talked with them both. My bmom was in tears, said she'd tried to send me cards for bdays', valentines', halloween, christmas, etcetra until I was age 7, and my aparents alway returned them to her. Her husband, Sam Weller was my biological father. He passed away the day after Thanksgiving in 1992. My sister said bmom has been very depressed and quickly going downhill since his death, and for the most part of her life seems quite distraught and depressed about something, but would never talk about it. Now, between my sister, Jayne, and myself we've told her no one would "hate" her for something she had no control over. She was overjoyed that I was searching for her. And, my sister is thrilled as she always grumbled she wanted a sibling. It looks like all is in the open now, they called all the relatives in back in PA where they live, and told them about me. From what they said, they were all excited as a "new edition" had been added to the family tree. My sister is married and has two sons, and a daughter, and five grandchildren. Just thought you'd be interested. The story about "how" I found them is quite be continued........thanks, and please let me know what I can do for you. Many blessings of love, light, health, peace, and happiness shine on you always......................much aloha....."Sunny"

Success 10/12/96
Found! Birthmother has located son
Hi there,
Of all the things I never expected to happen, I located my son, through the use of the internet. It all came about so quickly, I didn't have time to think. Thankyou, so very very much, to all of you who responded to my plea for help. Not only have I found my son, but a daughter-in law and two beautiful grandchildren. I also have renewed faith & appreciation for my fellow man, without whom this blessing would not have been possible. I've also got a new respect for computers & especially those of you who operate them. Words cannot express- my prayers have been answered.

Success 10/12/96
Thanks so much for putting my post on your adoptees page. This is to let you know that my search is over! I found my bdad last week. He's been wanting me to find him for 15 years, and didn't think it was his place to actively search for me. (I agree that it should be the adoptees choice.) As it happens, I'm his only offspring. He's now helping me to locate my bmom through their old acquaintances. I happened to find him through means other than the net, although I found many registries and resources here that helped to inspire me. I know that many web sites can be space restrictive, so I thought I'd let you know that I no longer need to take up space which someone else may have need of using. Thanks again for creating a site intended to help, and thanks for putting me on it! Chris Hofford Adoptee At Large

To all of you who have your doubts, don't! I was not married, too young and too scared. I gave up my daughter on December 8, 1966 and have been haunted by her memory ever since. On January 30, 1994 I found my baby! She is everything I ever hoped her to be. KAREN ANNE FALES born Dec 8, 1966, died May 8, 1996. I was lucky to find her when I did and so very grateful for the time we had together. To all of you still searching out there, don't give up! I nearly did, and what a tragedy that would have been. In our time together she became my very best friend, and even re-united her father and myself. Karen had diabetes and the doctors feel she had more good years than they would have expected, with the complications she had to deal with. She gave me life and I browse these pages now, looking at all of you wondering and seeking. IT IS WORTH IT TO PERSERVERE! GOD BLESS YOU. TONI

11-12-96 Success Message re "Mary Fitzgerald, Where Are You":
We wanted you to know that we have had the pleasure of meeting "Mary" and her lovely family last month. We were told that it was the Internet that was responsible for making our meeting possible. We want to thank everyone who took the time to read our posting. Without your help, we never would have had the word spread about our search. While we are still strangers to each other, we have the rest of our lives to know each other better. Thank you for that opportunity!
John S. Heap I FOUND MY FATHER--12/96

When I was four years old my mother abandoned me, my half brother and two half sisters. For three days we stayed in the apartment and how I ever managed is beyond me. I was clothing and feeding the 3 kids and the youngest was only 5 months old. My mother told me she was going to the store for milk, but never came back. We were eventually found, thru a nieghbors call, and put into a foster home. We were seperated a few months later and at the age of 5, the LA County of Social Services found us a home together. The foster home was a wonderful place and I will always have fond memories. At the age of 9 my 2 sisters and I were taken from an upper/middle class family and put into a lower class adoptive home, all in the name of "for our best interest". We were abused by these people and when I spoke out, I was labeled troubled and a liar. Needless to say we were eventually taken away from that home, 14 months later, and reunited with the previous couple. Due to their age, we were then seperated and my two sisters were adopted by individual families. I was told my real father had been in contact with them and I was asked if I wanted to go live with him. I wanted more than anything for this to happen, but that was not to be. The social worker told my real father that I wanted to remain with my 2 sisters, but he could not take us all and I never got the chance to see him. I never gave up on the fact that some day I would meet my real father. There was something inside me that kept us bonded. By the time I was 13 years old I had fallen thru the cracks. No one wanted an older child so girls' homes was the only answer. I ran away from this place, got involved in gangs, drugs and stealing, just to belong and survive. Eventually I got married had a son and needed to find my father more than ever. I finally got a general direction as to where to look. On December 9, 19987 I made a phone call to a half brother and was able to get a message to my step-mother. She in turn called my father at work and things have been great sine! Sure, we fight like parents and kids do, but I know now that my father and my new mom have always loved me and wanted me. They have the papers proving this. If you are looking for your birth parents, please don't give up. I didn't and now I have a place to call home. If you're a socail worker, case worker or attorney please, please consider the child's best interest. Don't just put them somewhere to get rid of the paperwork. The long run isn't worth the tears and betrayal. Thank you. 12/96

I found my wife's birthfamily

Hello. I would like to share an adoption search story with every one.

Back in May of this year (1996) I sat my wife down and asked her if she had given any thought to the idea of finding her birth family. She agreed it was time. I began my search almost immediately. I called organizations for help and advice. But in the long run I was able to continue on my own.

I had a first and last name of her birth mother and a city and state where she ( MY wife ) was born..

I searched and searched. I found the home her mother resided at, at the time of the birth. I continued from there. Was able to locate her mom and dad. However it was to late to my surprise. MY wifes birth mom had died many years ago. Her father passed away in 1990. I was about to end my search when I decided to look further . To look for any brothers and sisters. Well Thank God I did. I had friend in the state of FLorida go to the last known address for her mother and father. They spoke with neighbors and friends. Some where , so how, so one had to still be around from years ago., Well we struck god. The people who reside in the house today, told us that a gentlemen who she bought the house from back in 89 had moved to illionis. He had a daughter in here thwentys. She stated that he had owned the house since the early sixty. An Elderly neighbor also confirmed this. We continued our search to illionis. A few Days later, we made contact. we located my wifes younger sister. All were thrilled to find each other. **Thurs out that my wife also has three half brothers and 1 half sister. Her father was married prior to meeting my wifes mother.

All are still in touch..regulary basis..

Well I hope that everyone's search turns out positive. Keep your head up and think good thoughts. Your dreams will come true.

P.S>. A little praying to the man up stairs for guidence also help.Michael. Success on Christmas Eve 1996
For years and years and years I had always wondered about my birth mother and father. Like many, I have run hot and cold doing work on my search. Sometimes, for years at a time, I'd do nothing about it. Then there were those times when I couldn't sleep thinking about her..worrying that as time passes by, so do my chances of ever meeting her..seeing her..knowing who she is.

This had haunted me for most of my childhood and adult life. It spanned across the entire globe as I lived in a foreign country for 15 years. Even with a good family and loving adoptive parents, there was still the inner link between her and I that would not, and will not ever be extinguished.

With the help of a total stranger, who just wanted me to supply her with some basic information, I contacted my birth mother at 8:35am on December 24th, 1996. (Interestingly, my birth cert shows I was born at 8:36am) If it weren't for the help of Rosemary H. , I would probably have never found her.

I owe many thanks from the heart to to the operators of this fine Web Page and to Rosemary. My 2-hour phone conversation with my birth Mother has changed me forever. She wants to stay in touch, wants to meet me and we share an eerie amount of similarities. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better, slowly, at her pace.

My advice to any of you is to do the same. As hard as it may be, DO NOT contact anyone else in their family unless they give you explicit permission. Allow the nuturing time and space, let them breathe and give yourself time to adjust..and most importantly, remember, your adoptive parents have VERY strong feelings for don't leave them out and tread CAREFULLY as you are stomping in the middle of everyone's hearts. God Bless Mike Carter, Phoenix AZ.

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