My ex-wife remarried 9 years ago. She is active Military and was living in Germany. She threatened to stay overseas unless I agreed to let her new husband adopt them. I was also paying child support on 3 other children and finding it difficult to keep up with it all. So I agreed to let her husband adopt them. I have not seen my children since the ages of 2 and 8 months. They are now 13 and 11.
I figured since her new husband would be raising them ( in another country) adoption was in their best interest.

Now, my ex-wife contacted me telling me she is divorcing the man who adopted my kids because he was verbally abusive towards them and her. She has allowed me to talk to them on the phone. They now live in California and I live in Kansas. The kids do not want anything to do with their adoptive father and I heard (while on the phone with my ex-wife)one of them screaming they didn't want to go anywhere with their adoptive father.

I know there is probably nothing I can do at this point to help them. I just wish I could reverse the adoption.
If anyone knows if I can reverse the adoption please let me know. I never stopping loving my children. And after hearing how they have been treated and spoken to I regret the adoption and wish everyday I could change it.