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    Default verisimilitude for Blender

    Hello all-
    I am writing a graphic novel/webcomic named "Blender". One of the characters (Danny, age 19) is disowned by his father. His Godparents disagree with all the stated reasons and want to adopt him to guarantee he'll always have a place to call home. This all takes place in Seattle, Washington. I've read the laws I know of, but I'm not a lawyer.
    I'd like to know, since he's over 18, do his birth parents have any say in the process? I've written how the godparents confront dad over his decision with prefilled adoption papers in hand. His dad eagerly signs 'the papers', but his anguished mom signs only to clear the way for Danny's adoption. It's all very dramatic, but I want it to be accurate, both legally and emotionally. In short,
    *Is there any impediment to the godparents adopting Danny?
    *Do the birth parents have any veto in the process?
    *How long does the whole process take?
    *How much does it all cost? Fees, lawyers, tax assessments, other?
    *Is there anything I'm missing?

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    Provided that Danny is an adult, there are no papers for the parents to sign. So Danny's mom and dad signing the papers would be incorrect.

    I believe the only party needed to approve the adoption is Danny himself and those adopting him. There is a ppwk process to go through and court procedures. A judge would grant the adoption or not. Once the adoption is finalized, the birth parents would no longer be the legal parents & a new birth certificate is issued. Much like a child adoption, the b.c. is then sealed.

    How long and what the fees are depend on the state and you'd need to research further in Washington to see how it all works. I recommend contacting a family attorney to get more details.

    Good luck with your book.

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    Your input is appreciated. I've changed the scene to reflect that. The intended adoptive parents have a discussion with Danny's birth parents. Dad insists he has no son. Mom breaks down, but writes him a letter he'll read later, then spends the rest of the day+ mourning. The adoption goes ahead.

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