This little girl may not have been carried by our daughter, but she is so much like her. We are indebted to her birth mother/father for her being added to our lives.
I am the family keeper of my family and while this little thing loves my irish diddies and stories of my family. I learn about my family history constantly and each time i learn more about myself. It is also important to have a medical history if possible.
our other goal is to have her mother or family ever wonder what became of this little one. She is quite amazing and we want them to know that.
It is also only fair to our love that if she has siblings she/they have access to each other.
I had lived knowing the story of there be 2 more half siblings for me. I actually had not interest in knowing of them until i was an adult. They never existed.
I am hoping for guidance in this endeavor for out love.
I have her birth info as well as that of her mother. So as soon as I get that from my daughter i will begin the hunt. I hope the family there will be willing to share any family history they have with her on both mother and father.
I am on new ground here. my family history is the UK so i am looking at this with rose colored glasses and hope all have similar desires for little Nadya.