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    Default Adopting my grandchild

    My husband and I hope to adopt my daughter's son. She and the child live with us. We have raised him as our own. We not only pay for almost everything he needs, but we also act as his parents. Our daughter has not really been involved as an "actual parent" but more as a sibling. She is unsure who the father is and no father's name was on the birth certificate. We are not too sure how to start this process and have many questions. Do we need to go through an adoption agency? Will it cost a lot of money? Will the child not having a known father come into play? Thank you for the help that may be given!

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    Is your daughter willing to sign a consent for you to adopt?

    My first suggection is to call around, many attorney's will give a free or low cost consultation so you can ask details on what you need to do, what to expect and if the father comes into play at all here.

    We recently adopted our grandson as well. You (in most states) can file for adoption without counsel at your local courthouse. They will provide you with a 'fill in the blank' type form. Once filled out you file and pay the filing fee (if there is no contesteing from your daughter and she signs a consent, usually no firther costs will come as far as the court) Filing fees will vary ($200 here)

    Your main expense is going to be the Home study. Once you file, you will recieve the info on setting up a home study with a court approved licensed person. This also varies in cost (400-600).

    If you have health insurance, that will save you a bit since they will wamt physicals done on you and your husband. Also will have to pay (approx $30 each ) for finger prints to be done.

    All in all we completed ours for about $1,000 or under.
    Feel free to PM me or email me and I will be happy to walk you through the process, though state to state may vary.

    Good luck!

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    She is willing to consent. Will they really have to do a home study since she has lived in our home in our care since the day she was born??

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    Again, depends on your state, but very likely...yes.

    Our grandson, now son had lived with us since he was a newborn, we received permanent legal custody when he was 1 yr old, and filed for adoption when he was 2....despite us already being granted permanent custody, we still had to have the home study done.

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