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    Default Can you reverse an adoption?

    I lost my Mother at age 9 and my father remarried a woman who was abusive. She adopted me and my sister while we were minors. I am now 38 and my sister is now 31 and we both want to reverse the adoption for emotional reasons. This woman is now on my birth certificate and I would like my real mom back on my birth certificate. I reside in the state of Indiana (also were the adoption was done) and want to know if I can legally reverse the adoption.

    Thank you,

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    ChrissyLou Guest


    I dont think you can. I think the most you can do is an adult adoption which would put someone else's name there.. but not your mom's if she has passed (so sorry). You CAN to a legal name change... but you probably had your dad's last name to begin with...

    You can talk to a lawyer-- I dont know how it works, but one would think that there would be SOME way to reinstate an OBC... especially since it isnt REALLY required to change that. (At least in my state... standard to, yes... required.. no. ) Adoption papers are proof of adoption..

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    I agree with Chrissy Lou, it's probably unlikely that it can be reversed. Especially since you are an adult. I'm sorry for the emotional pain you must be in to desire this. It would be worth consulting with an adoption atty if this is something very important to you. If you're unable to reverse it, I hope you can find another way to find peace with your situation.

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    I echo the previous posters about consulting an attorney, but perhaps with a slightly different approach. A provision in Indiana law (http://www.in.gov/legislative/ic/cod...ar19/ch13.html) states:

    C 31-19-13-1
    New certificate of birth
    Sec. 1. (a) Except as provided in subsection (b), the state department of health shall establish a new certificate of birth for an individual born in Indiana upon a receipt of an official report that the individual has been adopted.
    (b) The state department of health shall not establish a new certificate of birth following an adoption if:
    (1) the court decreeing the adoption;
    (2) the adoptive parents; or
    (3) the adopted individual; (emphasis is mine)
    so requests.

    And I wonder, since you are the adopted individual, if you could use this paragraph.

    All best

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