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    Default adopting my wifes daughter

    how could i go about filing for adopting her daughter?
    her daughter's father hasn't seen her in three months and hasn't paid child support in two months due to his job loss and i have been there doing for her daughter and her because there was no support coming in from him. thing is my wife's daughter refers to me as daddy since i'm always there and i think it would be nice to adopt her and give her a normal family life that every child should have. could anyone tell me if i need the biological fathers signature to adopt her or could i get around that?

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    There needs to be a termination of parental rights - either voluntary (he signs papers) or involuntary (a court terminates his rights for cause).

    Hope this helps.

    All best

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    Hi all well i was just wondering how to adopt my wifes 2 children.Both of them have different fathers, the first father knows he is the donor but has no legal right do to the courts my wife has full custody of her but on the other hand she just gave birth to a lil boy and on the birth card he has my last name but not sure on how it works for the the donor of him, he doesn't know he has a child so wat are my options on adopting both of my wifes kids. ty and hope to hear from someone soon.

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    My Wife And I Were Having Problems And She Stepped Out Of Our Marriage. Now She Is Pregnant With Someone Elses Baby. But We Are Working Things Out. Does Anybody Know What We Need To Do So I Can Legaly Adopt This Baby After Its Born????

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    The biological father of the child would need to terminate his rights. Only after that, could you do a petition to adopt the child.

    I would recommend contacting a family attorney to see what you'd need to do. I will say though that if the bio dad wants to parent, his rights will come first in the matter.

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