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    Default I want to adopt my niece and I already have legal custody

    I have been guardian for my niece for 18 months now. She is 2. My sister told me last night that she wanted to give up parental rights. I talked to a lawyer today who told me it could cost up to $5000.00. That is money I do not have but would very much love to adopt my niece asap. Does anyone know of a way to do this withouit spending my life savings. My sister is completley consenting to this so no battle with happen. THank you.


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    RUN from this lawyer! $50,000.00??? No, no no!

    I would contact your local family services dept. to inquire about your state's process on this or contact another attorney - not all attorneys are bad like this one!

    You can also find more information on how to petition to adopt here on this link. http://www.adopting.org/adoptions/ad...-to-adopt.html

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    We are in Ohio. We are about to begin the process of adopting our grandson. There are ways to keep costs down. We are looking at about $800-900 to complete it.
    I can help walk you through the how-to's of getting through this epecially if you have consent.

    I am trying to research what to expect in a home study, what they expect, etc but am coming up empty handed.

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    I would run from this lawyer as well! They basically have to do paperwork, and not much else. However, in something this important, as it needs to be done correctly, I would make sure that I had counsel. You can keep the costs down by doing some of it yourself. But, make sure that it is reviewed by someone competent. This is a legal matter that if done incorrectly will result in much more than a loss of money or property! It could ruin yours, and your child's life!

    As for a home study, you may want to see if your state exempts a family member from a home study. I adopted my nephew 12 years ago, and our state's law says specifically says that a home study is not required if you are a blood relative.

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    The home study process in Ohio, at least Lucas County, is not as bad as it sounds. Just a lot of questions about you and your family life and what you think about different child-related issues.
    Caseworker makes a couple of visits. References are required from people who know you well. Lots of paperwork but not as invasive as one might think.

    I have legal custody of a niece and two nephews. I would like to adopt but I know both parents will fight, assuming we can find them. Both of them voluntarily signed over legal custody to avoid a permanent custody trial. I have had the kids for 3 1/2 years, haven't seen bio mother in more than a year, bio father in more than 2 years. Anybody know how hard this might be? I can come up with lawyer money for basic fees but thousands of dollars is not realistic. Will I have to return permanent custody to childrens services before adopting them or can I go straight from legal to adoption?

    Any help, even thoughts, would be much appreciated.

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    We adopted my niece when she was 1 year old. We had guardianship before that. She had to sign over her rights and we had to print a legal in the paper giving the father the option of coming forward proclaiming his rights. You need to shop around for a good lawyer. Ours charged 1,000.00 for everything and was so much help! - Even let us pay it half when papers drafted and half after court. There r some good lawyers still out there

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    This will depend on your state. Ohio requires Home Study even for blood relatives.

    In our county it was a very tough process, though we were told it is harder for Grandparents to adopt than it is for a stranger.

    Get an attorney consult to answer your questions. We had both parents consent and completed the adoption on our own within 6 weeks and under $1,000.

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    Default Getting custody of my nephew

    I am needing to know the know how inorder for me to adopt my nephew. I is 3 years old and lives in Ohio, Clark County. My brother is no longer living within the household since he was arrested for hitting his childs mother. My brother was absent for his sons life for a year, knowing that the mother would be nothing but trouble. When he went to be with his son there had been nothing but the mother hitting him, when tried to leave she would hit him and keep him from leaving the house physically, and mentally, telling him that he would never see his son again. I know what you're thinking... how can a woman beat and prevent a man from leaving the house. This girl is just as tall as my brother and weighs 3 times my brothers weight and is very physical witgh everyone. So, after two years of the pushing, punching, bitting, kicking, and being stripped of his manhood in front of his son, he reached is breaking point and hit her to get her off of him. My brother is now in jail awaiting his court date and my nephew is alone with his mother. Neither my brother nor my family feels that my nephew is safe or being properly taken care of. She mother works a job, but niw has no childcare due to my brother no longer being there. All her friends, family, and her do drugs, live dirty life styles, and have no interest of whats best for their children. I need to know what I need to do to gain custody of my nephew, I need to bring him to live with me in Iowa. I dont care what it cost and want him to be safe and well taken care of. If anyone can help me please do!!!!!

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    Im in the process of adoption myself, the ** signed over full rights to my husband and I. My lawyer said that once they terminate their rights theres no going back. In my state if a parent still has rights but has made no attempt to have any contact within 6 months their rights can be fully terminated from abandonment.
    You will have to get a lawyer and a homestudy. Your lawyer will petition the court for the adoption. They can put the parents names in the paper three times to contact the lawyer about the adoption and if they dont respond its also abandonment and you will have to go to court and have them adopted to you. My lawyer is expensive but you have to make sure you have good one and that they know what their doing. This is something thats worth every penny. Dont cheap out but dont get ripped off either. Hope it helps.

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