This may be a little tricky to explain and I'm sure a lawyer is the best resource but I just want to research the optins on my own as well.

First some aunt's son and another woman conceived and had a child. The child's father is not written on the birth certificate. The child is 3 years old and is living in Texas.

A few days ago the child's mother went to my aunt and said she's leaving and didn't want to care for the child. Today my aunt can't find the child's mother but my aunt would like to adopt the child. My aunt went to an orphanage and she was told the child's mother has to sign some papers agreeing to an adoption. Hopefully the child's mother will return soon but in the mean time what should my aunt do? should she call the police? She doesn't want the child to be taken away. This poor kid stays up waiting for his mom to come home. Can my aunt prove her relation to the child with a blood test? What if the mother never comes back? Does the child just wait until the mother comes back to sign papers or until he turns 18?

Resources would be greatly appreciated!