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    Question Adopting an Adult Step-Child

    My adult daughter is considering either taking her step-father's (my husband's) name or being adopted by him. Would anyone care to comment on the ramifications of adoption in an adult situation?

    Her reasoning is emotional; her bio father is an abusive person and after years of trying and hoping for a change in his nature she has given up. This would be more symbolic than legally binding.

    Is the process worth the effort or would simply changing her last name (an easy process) be the way to go?

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    You might want to take a look here:

    Adopting an Adult

    This is such a personal decision - Yes, adult adoption is a legally binding process, the same as the adoption of a minor child, and as such involves issues not only relating to name change and things like rights of inheritance, but also the emotional side - and will affect not only her father but his side of the family as well.

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