Late Discovery Adoptees - LDAs

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Resources, information and support for late discovery adoptees, those who discovered or were told of their adopted status as adults.

An LDA Speaks Out
Ilene Rachel, a Late Discovery Adoptee, tells her story. All should read this!

Late Discovery Adoptees (LDAs)
Many learn of their adoption as children; others don't learn about it until they are adults. Ron Morgan's article presents many of the difficulties encountered when learning as an adult about having been adopted.

Resources for LDAs
Take a dive into the world of adoption, searching, reform, and support; for late discovery adoptees.

"Why Wasn't I Told?"
In her presentation to an adoption conference, Lynne Pearl of the Post-Adoption Resource Center explores "making sense of the late discovery of adoption."
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Reorita - 2 years ago
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I am once of four girls all given up for adoption in the 1950/1960's. I am now 62 and was given up at the age of 4yrs old. My older sister and I were split up and the two younger girls we adopted by the same family. I have tried our local government department in South Africa and they are useless to day the least and do only to well the everyone wishes to earn an income to help us but I have paid thousands out to people who still to date have been unable to help and really at the point where I wish we as adoptees can find someone who is willing to help us find our families and help us to find a place in the sun where we can also belong,without knowing who we are and where we really come from we are all people without a past #1
Marjan - 1 year ago
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I Found out I was adopted 3 years ago at the age of 48. Even though I had my suspicions since the age of 14 but multiple times I was turned away from the truth by my adopted parents and family and friends until the family friend who actually went to the orphanage with my mom the day I was adopted was on her sick bed and could no longer hold the secret. So she called me and told me this over the phone. I have not yet confronted my parents about this, they are in their 80s. I was born and raised in Iran till I was 14 and there's probably very slim to zero possibility that I would ever find out about my birth parents. I haven't even really gone down that path since I'm still dealing with the shock of it all. I grew up in a culture that looks down on adoption and I have been paying the price for it. Multiple therapists have told me that I need to confront my parents before it's too late but I just can't. Talking to others in my situation is the only solace I get. Thank you for listening! #2
Dianna - 2 years ago
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I've been looking for my birthmother for 40 years, I am 59 now and have almost given up. I've registured on all I thought would be helpful and do not have the $ to be effective. #3
STELLA - 1 year ago
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