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Resources, information, issues, and support for adopted persons, and a special section for young adoptees with stories, heritage resources, and places to meet other young people around the world.

Adoptee Personal Pages

Personal stories about all aspects of the adoptee experience from adoptees around the world.... [more]

Famous & Well-Known Adoptees (with biographies)

Adopted persons have distinguished themselves in many fields including sports, literature, politics, and the arts. This growing list includes biographical summaries and references for further reading.... [more]

Late Discovery Adoptees (LDAs)

Resources, information and support for late discovery adoptees, those who discovered or were told of their adopted status as adults.... [more]

Life Issues

Expressions of life issues experienced by adult adoptees include the effects of closed adoptions, loss, and emotional trauma.... [more]

Search Issues

Some search, others do not. And adoptive parents are often concerned about search and the impact on the family. Resources for all groups.... [more]

The Myth Series: Killer Adoptees

What do ghouls, goblins, and things that go bump in the night have in common with adoptees? To hear some tell it, we can be scarier than the most frightening monsters.... [more]


Support groups and places of gathering and community for adult adoptees of all heritages.

Young Adoptees

Great sites for and about youth in extended and blended adoptive and foster families around the world; places to read, talk, find support, and make new friends.

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michael schuster - 2 years ago
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IAM adoptee with no right to no who I am BUFFALO NY BIRTHDAY JUNE 21 1959 I was found on the steps of a infant home JUNE 24 1959 THE INFANT IS OUR LADY OF VICTORY Father Baker Lackawanna NY HELP ME FIND MY BIRTH MOTHER LIKE AND SHARE YHANK YOU FOR READING MY NOTE #1
Terri - 1 year ago
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I was adopted by a wonderful couple on 7/3/57 from Beverly Hospital in Montebello, Ca. I couldn't have asked for a better family or life. As it turns out, I was unable to have children of my own and have an adopted daughter. I also had the unfortunate experience of having a birthmom request a child to be returned. Adoption isn't an easy alternative...there is every bit as much pain as physically giving birth, but most is mental. There is concern about the childs health, history and the birthmom's change of heart. However, when it is all done, and the dust settles, life is wonderful. Always be honest with an adopted child. Both myself and my daughter always knew we were adopted...just something we talked about and it became the norm. It's an amazing way to create a family, and most people are surprised by how many factors that make up a person are environmental, and not hereditary. You will find you love an adopted child every bit as much as you would love a birth child. #2
Guest - 3 weeks ago
My name is Lee Anne. I was adopted in 1959 to wonderful loving parents. I recently discovered who my birth mother was. Unfortunately, she had already passed away in 2004. I did find out that I had an older half-sister that I was able to meet with. Unfortunately, she was not very welcoming and could not, or would not give me much background info on my birth mom. She did advise that my birth mom had also given up two more children that were younger than me. A boy in 1967 and a girl in 1969. I was born in Wichita Falls, TX and adopted out of agency in the same city. My birth mom's name was Martha Joyce Hott at the time of my birth. She later married and changed her name to Martha Joyce Ingram. I would like to locate my younger siblings. #3
rosemary - 2 years ago
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I was born 8-25-97 in danedin FL I know a lot about my birth parents and choose not to talk to them they were bad people and when I finally got the chance to talk to my birth mom she lied about every thing even though I had seen the court case believe me I might only be 16 but I Regret the disition I Made to make contact I now live with my aunt who I love and today call my mother I am sure that some of u will have happy endings but some may not i k i did even though i did not connect well with my birth parents. continue as u will but be known that it might not turn out the way u hoped with great love in your searching Rosie w #4
Cheryl Braley - 4 weeks ago
Searching for my mothers biological mother she was born in Sept 1938 and given up at 14 hrs old to a couple but they didn't adopt her till she was 6 years of age to obtain a birth certificate in order to enroll in school. This birth we believe took place in Bowie county at the Hightower Health Home which took in unwed mothers. We have a name of the birth mother but cannot find any information on her. We believe that my mother was one of her black market babies. Please help!!! #5
John Thrasher - 2 months ago
I was adopted at birth in Terre Haute, IN in October 1959. Both of my adoptive parents have passed away, so I really have no link to any information. I really feel that while anonymity is important in adoptions, that the adoptee, as an adult, should have every right to know their family and genetic history. It's very frustrating not knowing anything, or being able to pass that along to my children, so they know their background. #6
Victor - 4 months ago
I need to adopt parents, who don't have children. I will trust, love to life time as my own parents. So any body looking son. i am here for real parents son. i m alone, my own parents expired at age of 6. need for rich family. who can taken me adoption. i will join in new family, build new life journey. #7
Lisa - 6 months ago
I was adopted 10/30/1968 in Anchorage, ALaska through Catholic social services. I would like to obtain medical history if possible . I have two daughters both with unanswered health issues... just curious if there is certain areas we should focus on... #8
r Lippert - 6 months ago
I have a minor question can i adopted a adopted as my child she is ten years younger than me and is hearing impaired like my biological daughter is i do everything for her unlike her real mother she calls me mom all the time wondering how that works in the ohio adoption laws #9
Desiree - 7 months ago
Hello my name is Desiree iam looking for one of my brothers he was fostered in upstate ny and was adopted out to a family in New Jersey I think and I believe his name is Donald his birth parents are Donald Percival and Joyce moffitt I would love to find him.... #10
Johnny - 2 months ago
I was adopted. Looking for birth parent info. It was a sealed adoption in Lousiville Ky. I was placed in a foster home. Need family medical history. Male DOB 4/26/64 #11
suzanne - 1 year ago
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I was born in Germany and adopted to U.S. parents. How do I start searching? #12
mary - 10 months ago
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Looking for birth parents. I was born in either Texas or New Orleans in 1955. My birth parents were at my wedding in Texas in 1981, and no one bothered to tell me at that time. Relatives won't tell me anything about my adoption, yet we grew up with my adopted brother's history. So why am i such a big secret? #13
KrisAndra - 3 months ago
I was born in Tacoma WA on June 10 1966 It was a state adoption. Any tips to fond out any information? #14
melinda - 2 years ago
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I was born Jan. 15, 1955 in Los Angeles County I believe. I don't think my mother knew if she had a boy or girl. I was told she was around 25. Dr. Porter in Pomona may have delivered me. I was only 4lbs. 4oz. Looking to see if anyone is looking for me. At 58 I don't have a lot of hope but we will see. #15
Melissa - 6 months ago
Hello, I am an adopted child. I was given this name by my adopted family. I was born in Auburn Ny on Dec 10, 1956 at 12:05am. I am awaiting for nonid from Albany. Searching for biological family. #16
christy elaine Harris - 1 year ago
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Im looking for my birth son Tyler Sheldon Stubblefield he was born Sept 1 1995 in Amarillo, TX at Northwest Texas hospital he was taken away from me in Pensacola, Florida I was living at a homeless shelters called the salvation Army I went too court and they wouldn't give him back too me because I was homeless I did what I had too do for my son to have a better life I gave him up for adoption in Pensacola, FL #17
Luana Hillin - 8 months ago
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Was adopted around 1960/61. Was taken off of a reservation in New Mexico by Pentacostal/ Assembly of God missionaries and placed in white home. Hope somehow to find any kind of family. #18
heather - 2 years ago
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I was born in queens n.y. 9-17-1963 given the birth name marcelle hobbs adopted through spence chapin agency #19
Vondrita - 1 year ago
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I was born 4/15/1973 in gainesville fl they said my mom was a teenager 13 when she had me my father was a truck driver and my grandmother made my mom give me up. When my parents adopted me they said everyone at the agency called me VeVe. Help I really want to meet my parents. #20
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