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Personal accounts of reunion experiences ranging from the good to the bad.

And Then a Miracle Happens

Never underestimate the power of angels - both those living and those who have passed on, says Mari Steed in her story of search and reunion with her Irish mother.... [more]

Our Daughter's Russian Family

Parents of international adoptees are often able to locate and develop a relationship with their children's birth families. One parent describes her quest, the reasons behind it, and how she feels it will help her daughter.... [more]

Adoption Reunion: A Success Story
Marilyn and Sean share the story of their reunion; includes insights from Marilyn's husband.

"Antonia's Story"
The Web provided the key that unlocked this search, reuniting Antonia with her birthmother.

Coming Full Circle
You take a deep breath, pick up the phone and dial, not knowing what to expect. Two families unite, bringing their daughter full circle.

"Hearts in Exile"
Author Marcy Axness shares the story of her own reunion with her birthmother.

John Callahan's Search & Reunion
In an interview, cartoonist John Callahan tells the story of his search and reunion, which he started in 1983.

Joni Mitchell's Reunion Story
The story of Joni Mitchell's reunion with her birth daughter, whom she sang about in her song, Little Green, is traced through press articles.

"Grandma's Miraculous Reunion"
Adoptee Birthfamily Connections' own Angry Grandma tells her story.

Sunny Jo's Rocky Road
A Norwegian adoptee, born in Korea, writes of her reunion with her birth family and search for her brother.

True Tales of Revolting Reunions
This collection of stories serves to remind those headed for reunion that it may not be easy.

Vicki Rummig's Story
Search and reunion in Washington State from the Coordinator of the Volunteer Search Network.
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Cathy - 2 weeks ago
My story started to good but today has changed. My birth daughter's emotional issues are to the extent she is developmentally a pre teen in behavior but a grown woman. I experience a tantrum that turned into a passive aggressive manipulation of gargantuan proportions. I don't want to reject her but these issues I don't know can be overcome. I'm also worried she is mentally ill and it could have come from me. I identified with her outburst yet reacted swiftly to deal with it since it lacked the mature response I had come to expect. Her mom appeared so stricken and it hurt me to see her pain. So I swept in like the Hun I can be and chastised her. I now feel manipulated into this situation because I have become the villain of her tantrum. I am praying it works out but at the same time wish nothing more to do with her. Am I a bad person for this? I feel somewhat, yes. But we must move on and as her birth mom, I believe it is my duty to guide her. #1
Tumshabe Allen - 2 years ago
0 0 1
I pray that i find my daughter too. #2
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