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Great chat rooms around the adoption Web offer places of support and conversation, discussion and new friends. Many chat rooms require java-enabled browsers. Chat
General, topic-specific, moderated, and guest chats available every day.

Adoption Search ICQ User List
If you have ICQ, here's a way to chat with the Adoption Search group.

AdoptionTriad Outreach Chat
Chat rooms open 24 hours a day for all members of the triad.

Adoptive Parent Chat
Regularly scheduled chat events for support, advice, and workshops, from AdoptNet.

Adoptive Parents After Infertility
If you're considering adoption after infertility, find support, ideas and community here at Fertile Thoughts. Click on the "chat" link at the top of the forums page.

The Adoption Channel — #Adoption
IRC Chat where all involved with or interested in adoption are welcome. Need an IRC client?
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Nicole Shellborn - 2 weeks ago
Everyone who is here has something to do with adoption and I was adopted and I know what it's like any one who is like me who has deppersion because of adoption know that there are people who know what it's like that no matter what it's gonna be ok and if your looking to adopted rember to love your child and stay strong if one adoption doesn't work try try and try again and all so if you gave your child away to another loving family when you get the chance to hold your child when there older sqeeze them tell they socially die of embarrassment of how much affection you give them because every adoptee wants to know that even though they were adopted you still love them no matter what! And stay strong no matter what and know even though your different from a random stranger someone has been through your pain and you will always have someone to talk to, Sincerely Nicole #1
Erica Lightner - 5 months ago
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Is there a way that I can adopt and be a single parent of an infant or do I have to be married? #2
Kate - 2 days ago
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hello I am Kte and I am 18 and wanted to know if it was cool to be adopting a baby I know it is going to be hard but I Love children so much that it hurts to see it so can someone tell me if it is cool. #3
Cathy - 5 days ago
I would love to locate my daughter that was born on sept. 13. 1972 in Birmingham Alabama, at Mercy hospital.. #4
samuel - 1 month ago
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its not that i dont love her, i do, its just weird putting my arms around a child that i havn't raised, especially a girl, but i know i need to learn, all children need a loving father #5
samuel - 1 month ago
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i need advice about my adopted child, im finding it hard to be as loveing to her as my own biological son, and i need she needs a father who is like that, any advice for helping me be a better adoptive father?? #6
Ange - 9 months ago
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My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. When my period shows up every month like clockwork it seems my depression just gets worse. I would love to adopt but it costs money we dont have. We have an 11 yr old but I miss the feel of a baby in my arms, the midnight feedings, no sleep. #7
Deb - 4 months ago
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Happy Birthday Jeff #8
Jack - 10 months ago
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Looking for info on no-lawyer stepson adoption in NC. Hard to navigate your site! #9
MJ - 3 months ago
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Hello. My husband and I are considering adopting. We would like to start saving money. How much about does an adoption cost?? Do you have to pay upfront or can you do a payment plans? Help! #10
Smiles - 9 months ago
0 1 0
Are there any financial help that will assist with adoption. I am looking to adopt within the next few months but the cost is to expensive, what can I do or which way can I got for help. #11
Kristen - 10 months ago
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I recently found out that I am unable to have a child of my own. I was looking into adoption. Right now I am only 22 but I was going to adopt in 2 more years. What concerns me the most is the financial part. I don't know if I am able to have that much money. What do I do? #12
sarah - 9 months ago
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let me give advice to people who want to adopt a little kid #1 think about how that kid will think later in life wondering where there bio parents are (some even think they where sold!! well if they where adopted as little baby yes true) #13
Vikki - 11 months ago
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Could we please replace "gave away" with "placed" for adoption? Adoptees feel worthless, given away, when they should feel so loved because a birth mother has given the ultimate gift of life, love. #14
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