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Great chat rooms around the adoption Web offer places of support and conversation, discussion and new friends. Many chat rooms require java-enabled browsers. Chat
General, topic-specific, moderated, and guest chats available every day.

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Chat rooms open 24 hours a day for all members of the triad.

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Regularly scheduled chat events for support, advice, and workshops, from AdoptNet.

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If you're considering adoption after infertility, find support, ideas and community here at Fertile Thoughts. Click on the "chat" link at the top of the forums page.

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Erica Lightner - 1 year ago
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Is there a way that I can adopt and be a single parent of an infant or do I have to be married? #1
Johnson - 6 months ago
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Samuel just act like the years that yall weren't together didn't exist. Like the day you got her was the day she was born (she just happens to be the age she is now and not 15 secs old). Also embrace the uncomfortable feeling of her not being your and get over it because she is your child now. Yeah its hard and takes awhile but when ever your mind puts in the thought that shes not yours and you start to feel weird just remember she is yours. Also it is very common that a parent feels more loving to their own biological child you have years with your own kid then the kid you just adopted or even adopted before birth. One your own kid is from you and has your blood and genetic strands so your basking in your glory/legacy, Two like I stated earlier you have had more time in your own childs life then and adopted one. After a while of treating her as your own daughter it will get easier and start making the process of acceptance as father and child instead of adopted then you'll be almost #2
rebekah - 6 months ago
0 0 1
I would like to know if there is a website to where I can chat live with adoption agent to have them answer all my questions. #3
sheba - 7 months ago
i really relate to you unhappyadoptee to the point that im crying. im crying because i thought i was the only one who felt like this. i know im not selfish because i try so hard but none the less i feel so utterly disjointed. my family singles me out and im not sure that they even recognize it and that hurts even more because its shows that this is a genuine feeling that they are expressing. my adoptive family and i share the same race,but the difference in personalities is far to apparent. im rarely happy. my adoptive mother is a super optimist and im a more logical realest. my father is strict steer with very little humor. i can be very goofy and i will be the one to make everyone smile at the cost of my own image. i have 2 other adoptive younger brothers we all share the same if not similar feelings and complaints and we have all done something extreme out of emotional distress. i know and have talked to my birth family but i dont feel as though i belong. it hurts not being apart. #4
Alexa M - 3 months ago
8 years ago i adopted 4 children. i had to move to another county and i am having difficulty to get services for the children because my insurance is the primery insurace not medical. we cannot use the medical because it comes from another county. i am desperated because my son is having emotional issues deppreion and wanting to her him self every where place i called just gives me another referral but no one helps. if some one knows what to do please help me i can be reach at xxxxx #5
UnhappyAdoptee - 7 months ago
0 2 1
I would just like to say that, adoption has had good sides for me, but it also has made me more worse mentally. I mean, growing up where you are the only person like you, and feeling that what you do will be judged by everyone. And now becuase I did not grow up being excepted for who i am, i am going to move where there are other asian communities. I want to be just that anonymous person in the crowd like my adoptive parents are. I want to feel fitting in. You guys may think that fitting in should not be my main goal for moving, but it is for me. No i am not self-centered, I just dont want to stand out anymore. I have standed out so much, that I think about how others have it easy. #6
Guest - 4 months ago
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Please I need some advice especially from adoptees. I recently discovered many blogs on how adoptees really feel and how distressed they feel deep inside. I have been informed about a 3 year old kid whose parents have abused him and abandoned him. The parents of these kids are now in custody and the child will be placed for adoption. Will my adoption actually help this child? Will adopting him and showering him with love as a family help him feel loved and wanted after abandonment from his biological parents? Or would he be happier in the shelter home? I would love to adopt him but am also aware of the feelings adoptees feel. Is adoption the right thing to do in this case? Hannah #7
maria - 3 weeks ago
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Hi I'm only sixteen and all I want is unconditional love, a mom who understands,a family and a place to call home... If you think you can provide me that then email me at mariamayni_1998 @, please I need someone #8
Nicole Shellborn - 8 months ago
Everyone who is here has something to do with adoption and I was adopted and I know what it's like any one who is like me who has deppersion because of adoption know that there are people who know what it's like that no matter what it's gonna be ok and if your looking to adopted rember to love your child and stay strong if one adoption doesn't work try try and try again and all so if you gave your child away to another loving family when you get the chance to hold your child when there older sqeeze them tell they socially die of embarrassment of how much affection you give them because every adoptee wants to know that even though they were adopted you still love them no matter what! And stay strong no matter what and know even though your different from a random stranger someone has been through your pain and you will always have someone to talk to, Sincerely Nicole #9
Guest - 1 month ago
Just had a failed adoption. Anyone heard of Aeriel Peterson in Florida? She scammed us and I am wondering if she did this to any other adoptive families... #10
Char - 4 months ago
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Any single adoptive parents ? I am interested in adopting and would like to discuss with someone who has gone through the process alone #11
indigo - 3 weeks ago
0 0 0
i wAs adopted in 2003 #12
Vince - 6 months ago
Looking to adopt what can my wife and I accept throughout the process and can we do to prepare #13
Jade - 7 months ago
I am infertile and have been thinking about adoption, but it is way too expensive. Are there any places or foundations that help with this? #14
Aphroditis - 8 months ago
Hi I was wondering how did some of you make a budget plan for your adoption. #15
Viktoria Hermann - 5 months ago
Trying to find my birth family #16
Annie - 8 months ago
0 0 0
My husband and I have been asked to adopt a baby due in October. Where do we start in this process? I am so lost #17
Cathy - 8 months ago
I would love to locate my daughter that was born on sept. 13. 1972 in Birmingham Alabama, at Mercy hospital.. #18
Ange - 1 year ago
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My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. When my period shows up every month like clockwork it seems my depression just gets worse. I would love to adopt but it costs money we dont have. We have an 11 yr old but I miss the feel of a baby in my arms, the midnight feedings, no sleep. #19
samuel - 9 months ago
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its not that i dont love her, i do, its just weird putting my arms around a child that i havn't raised, especially a girl, but i know i need to learn, all children need a loving father #20
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