Adopting a Child

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For those seeking to become adoptive parents in the U.S., Canada, and around the world, information about who can adopt, the homestudy, procedures, terms, options, costs, types of adoption, open adoption, agencies, facilitators, and professionals for domestic and international adoptions.

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Information & Resources

Adopting Parents Center

Learn the basics of who can adopt, how much adoption costs, risks in adoption, and explore common concerns and first questions. A great first resource to learn about adoption and your options.

ABCs of Adoption

Learn about adoption in this brief review of the basics of the legal process, costs, types of adoption, who can adopt, waiting children, and special needs.

Who Can Adopt

You can be married or single, straight or gay, rich or not rich, healthy or disabled, but in some instances, you can't be overweight. Resources and information for all hopeful adoptive parents of all ages and circumstances.

How to adopt

Domestic and international, infant and older child: there are many ways to adopt. Adoptions can be handled through adoption attorneys, private agencies, facilitators, public agencies, or a combination. Find information on each method, as well as specifics

Adoption Costs & Fees

Resources and information about the costs and fees associated with adoption. Subsidies, loans, tax credits, employer benefits, and other options are addressed.

Legal Considerations

Legal considerations for those seeking to adopt and those placing a child include locating an adoption attorney, understanding legal definitions, knowing the law governing each type of adoption, and knowing your rights.

Getting Started With Adoption

After learning about adoption, the types, costs, and other considerations, taking the first steps involves assessing your feelings, making a commitment to adopt, finding professionals to guide you through the process, and getting your homestudy performed.

Issues for Adopting Parents

Adopting parents are often faced with negative or uninformed reactions from family and friends, the sadness of an adoption that doesn't go through, fraud, and other issues. Find resources and opinions here.

Waiting for Your Child

The homestudy is completed and the wait begins. Whether you're adopting domestically or internationally, find constructive ways to use this time, and people to support you while you wait. Preparing to welcome your child is an exciting time!

Essential Resources for Adopting Parents

As you begin the adoption process, use these resources to find the experts you need to help along the way, definitions of words and terms, laws pertinent to the type of adoption you have decided to pursue, support groups, and more.

Adoption Information for Canadians

Adoption agencies, facilitators, support and information resources, and waiting children listings for Canadians seeking to adopt.

Adoption Information for Other Countries

Adoption resources and information for nationals, citizens, and residents of countries other than the US and Canada who are seeking to adopt. Agencies, laws, support groups, and policies are listed.

Library of Articles: Adopting

Library of articles and features for those interested in adopting a child.

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Erica - 10 months ago
0 0 2
I want a baby but I feel like I'm not financial stable I'm renting a house and have a room mate.But in my heart I just want to help a child and give the love and support that I didn't receive. I'm 25 and very responsible. But I keep thinking I shouldn't adopt because of my income is just enough to get by. And I can't have kids so are these signs I shouldn't have a baby? #1
Robert - 6 days ago
My wife and I want to adopt. But we have a problem. We are an International couple. I am an American, and my wife is Chinese. We live in China. I make a good living. I own a number of houses, and pretty much run my own company. As an American, I can adopt quite easily, but the baby will have to be raised in China at our house. It would retain American citizenship, but would be a Chinese resident. I am interested in a serious discussion of this matter. We are married. We are older, however. You can contact me on xxxxxx dot com. My e-mail is kv96ic28. Serious inquiries only, please. We would give the child all the love in the world. It would be well cared for, and live a comfortable life. #2
ngoll - 9 months ago
0 0 2
hi marry jane i saw your posting that you are 2 months pregnant, i love to adopt can you contact me xxxxx #3
Hoovy - 1 week ago
Hello I am a young mother who has given the birth to twin girls since August 14, 2015 and I would like to put the twins in adoption because the father of the twins died two months after the pregnancy and I've too much suffered without brotherly or friendly help and as, I no longer have means to keep the twins,then I decided to put up for adoption the two girls. So if you are interested to take the babies, please write me on my address e-mail:xxxx to get the details of the babies because you do not have enough procedures before adopting them. Then, I'll be waiting for you so, read and don't forget to fill up the below details: Name:..................................... First name:................................. Occupation:.......................................... Marital status:... Country:............................................................. City:........................................................................ Thank you. #4
marry jane - 1 year ago
1 3 5
im 2 monthd pregnant i want to addopt my baby #5
Vina - 1 month ago
We are looking to adopt im 40 he's 31we will be getting married in 2016.We both work he's retired from the military now . We both work. I have 6 sons all grown up so its not my 1st time and Im unable to have another due too tubal litigation, but is his 1st and we both want to hive our love to another child. #6
Guest - 4 months ago
I have a Brother and sister in law that has been trying to get pregnant for over five yrs. they say it could be my brother the reason a high fever when he was young may be the main cooperate to why they can't get pregnant I've never seen anyone who wants a child in their lives more than these two they are financially stable, nice home with Christian atmosphere and a Aunt that would love to be anAunt. We would love to have your new born. Please call xxxxx if you would consider us for your baby. May God Bless #7
Taylor - 1 week ago
I would love you adopt a newborn baby girl or boy I currently have a son I'm 22 years old and have a form of cancer in my cervix. #8
sonia trejo Silva - 3 months ago
Hola m gustaria adoptar un bebe,no hablo inglés y no entiendo la pahuuba m encantaría m mandqran la información en español, deceo adoptar pero por ser soltera no e podido hacerlo y investige que al parecer aqui lo puedo hacer gracias espero m puedan contestar xxxx #9
Vicki - 2 months ago
I want to start a new family with a new baby in my life #10
Kalesia - 8 months ago
0 1 1
I am a 21 yr old female I am trying to adopt a baby me and my fiance been trying been pregnant twice but had a miscarriage we decided to try and adopt. Please help me. #11
sheianne marsh - 3 years ago
2 4 5
i am looking four a bundle of joy myself two take in my life #12
Courtney - 9 months ago
0 1 1
Hi I can't have kids and would love to adopt I have two boys but want more but I can't due to medical reason #13
Janna - 4 months ago
I would like another child I only have one and I am her real mother and my husband I think he wants another as well but he doesn't like to spend a lot of money what can we do to adopt. #14
sherry - 11 months ago
0 1 1
I would love to adopt a baby girl! I have a 4 year old boy and i want to give him a baby sister. I can have babys but why not to give all my love to a baby thats already in this world needing a loving family? I want to adopt! #15
Vicki - 2 months ago
I look for a new born baby #16
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