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Adoption Search Lesson Series - Misspelled Names

One of the most difficult obstacles in search is misspelled names: names of maternity homes, names of places, names of people. Why do misspellings occur? The most common reason is probably... [more]

Sealed Records: The Last Stigma

It's been over three years since we first looked at the open records debate . During that time, several states have enacted new legislation or revised old statutes, and several others have pending... [more]

Alaska State Regulations - Non-Identifying & Identifying Information

Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: Non-identifying information is available to adoptive parents and adopted adults age 18 or older. Obtaining Identifying Information: Identifying... [more]

Ukraine Adoptions - What You Need to Know

Legal Requirements Ukrainian adoption regulations are very specific on these (and other) points: Pre-selection is not allowed. The law does not provide for the adoption of... [more]

Bookmaking... For Life

Back before scrapbooking became a verb, we all made the same kind of book. We bought bound volumes of gray construction paper, a supply of "corners" and tried our best to make sure photos... [more]

Birthright by Jean Strauss - Adoption Book Review

by Jean Strauss "Birthright" by Jean Strauss Pros •Includes viewpoints from all triad segments •Balanced presentation of the emotional aspects •Extremely... [more]

North Carolina State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: An adult may be adopted with consent.Most Relevant North Carolina Statutes: Article 5. Adoption of Adults. 48-5-101. Who may file for a petition to adopt an adult. (a) An adult may adopt... [more]

Reflections of an Adult Adoptee

People thought that because she was adopted, she must know everything about adoption. Friends would ask her about adoption, the hows and the whys, and she had no answers. She didn't know about... [more]

North Dakota State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: An adult may be adopted with own consent and consent of spouse (if married).Most Relevant North Dakota Statutes: Chapter 14-15: Revised Uniform Adoption Act. 14-15-02. Who may be adopted.... [more]

Wyoming State Regulations - Non-Identifying & Identifying Information

Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: Adopted adults age 18 or older may obtain non-identifying information.Using a Confidential Intermediary: This service is available to adopted adults age 18 or... [more]

The Mouse That Roared

Dateline: 01/10/00 Once upon a time, in 1945 to be exact, E. B. White's book, Stuart Little , hit the bookstores and was a great success with kids and parents alike. How do I... [more]

Book Review - A Single Square Picture - A story of adoption search and reunion

by Katy Robinson In exploring her Korean beginnings, Katy Robinson offers much more than an honest and insightful look at search and reunion. Reminiscent of "Secrets and Lies," the book is... [more]

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