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New Hampshire State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: An adult may be adopted with own consent and consent of spouse (if married).Most Relevant New Hampshire Statutes: § 170-B:3§ 170-B:5§ 170-B:6170-B:3 . Who may be adopted.... [more]

Adoption Books - Then She Found Me by Elinor Lipman

by Elinor Lipman I have to admit that I had no idea who Elinor Lipman was before I read "Then She Found Me." I was browsing through an airport bookstore, looking for something to... [more]

Slinging The Adoption Lingo

FAA ISO HBSIS POB NJ BM DNR DOB So you thought you knew all the lingo there was to know? You learned that :-) is a smile, that LOL is funny, ROFL is hilarious, and you thought, like most of... [more]

The Child Citizenship Act of 2000 - How It Works

Effective February 27, 2001 Did You Know? You can get an American flag that has been flown... [more]

Online Heritage Resources

Great places to explore and maintain ties with others who share your ethnic and cultural heritage, for adoptees and adoptive families. For All Family Members Americans Supporting Heritage for... [more]

Massachusetts State Regulations - Non-Identifying & Identifying Information

Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: Adopted adults age 18 or older, birth parents, and adoptive parents of an adoptee under 18 may obtain non-identifying information.Obtaining Identifying... [more]

Risk in Domestic Infant Adoption

Defining Risk Legal-risk placement is defined as placement of a child in a prospective adoptive home before relinquishment papers have been signed. However, in today's world of pre-adoption... [more]

Guide to Adoption for Health Care & Counseling Professionals

Pros •To the point •Debunks common myths •Easy to read Cons •The word "birthmother" used pre-placement The Bottom Line - Good, concise information for pregnancy... [more]

The Camp-to-Adopt Program - What You Need to Know

Summer news headlines are often filled with heartwarming stories about programs bringing children from orphanages around the world (the majority from Russia and Eastern Europe) to the U.S. to stay... [more]

Delaware State Regulations - Non-Identifying & Identifying Information

Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: Non-identifying information is available to adoptive parents, adopted adults, and birth parents.Obtaining Identifying Information: Identifying information will... [more]

The Rose - by Jo Hamilton - Adoption Poetry

by Jo Hamilton [more]

Biographical Summary: Steve Christian

reprinted from materials distributed at the symposiumSteve Christian is a Program Manager with the National Conference of State Legislatures in Denver, Colorado. He manages the Child Welfare Project... [more]

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