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Guest Author - William L. Pierce, PhD

William L. Pierce, Ph.D. Articles Bush Tax Bill Fulfills Campaign Pledge Counter Report: A Discovery Institute Rebuke of New York City Adoption Institute Report on Safe Havens ... [more]

South Carolina State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: Any adult may be adopted provided they or their guardian give consent.Most Relevant South Carolina Statute: § 20-7-1825a... [more]

Kansas State Regulations - Non-Identifying & Identifying Information

Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: Adopted adults and birth parents can receive some information. Obtaining Identifying Information: The Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services may... [more]

From Sheri's Point of View

My name is Sheri Pharo and my husband's name is Darwin. We had been made aware that we were unable to have children biologically, We had decided to choose adoption as a way to build our much-wanted... [more]

Does Older-Child Adoption Equal Special Needs?

Parents Need to be Realistic Related Resources •Take the... [more]

New Jersey State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: Not addressed in statute.Most Relevant New Jersey Statutes: Title 9: Children -- Juvenile and Domestic Relations Back to State Index More on Adult Adoption More Types of Adoption [more]

Genetic Sexual Attraction - Reunion After Adoption Search

Reunion After Adoption Search No, this is not some bad joke about family members and incest in some (unnamed) southern state. This is about feelings of attraction that may be experienced by adults... [more]

Around the World in 180 Days

Part 1: Odyssey 2001 Wendy Thompson is following her passion: in 2001, she embarked on a journey that took her around the world in pursuit of the stories of adoption and the people who tell them. ... [more]

Navigating the Agency Maze - evaluating adoption agency web sites

Before the days of the Internet, finding an adoption agency (for both prospective adoptive parents and expectant parents) used to be fairly easy, but fairly limited as well: Word-of-mouth... [more]

Stepfamily Humor

Laughing at and with ourselves is a great way to relieve stress and take ourselves less seriously.Kevin & Kell This comic strip is a classic of blended family humor. Kevin (rabbit) and Kell (wolf)... [more]

Life Issues for Adult Adoptees

Expressions of life issues experienced by adult adoptees include the effects of closed adoptions, loss, and emotional trauma. 12 Step Program for Adoptees From Adoption Separation Aftermath. ... [more]

Adoption Poetry - A trilogy by Andrea Baldwin

by Andrea Baldwin, Birthmother "Katie" | "Wishes of a Birthmother" | "A Mother's Love" KATIE An incredible feeling when I first loved youMy DaughterI remember those irreplaceable special... [more]

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