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When Is It Baby-Selling?

Money and Adoption Mention "money" in the same sentence with "adoption" and you're sure to get a wide range of reactions. Private infant adoption in the U.S. is often the... [more]

Adopting Parents - Child Adoption - Recommended Reading

BOOKS Chat Forum Newsletter FOR RESIDENTS OF: Canada | Other Countries Suggested Reading Top Books About Adopting (General) Top Books... [more]

A Scottish Adoption Journey

Nancy and Craig are very much like the many thousands around the world who arrive at the decision to adopt each year. Nancy is an Occupational Therapist and Craig is an artist, and ten years ago,... [more]

South Carolina State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: Any adult may be adopted provided they or their guardian give consent.Most Relevant South Carolina Statute: § 20-7-1825a... [more]

Two Women and a Baby

To Tell The Truth My partner and I decided to adopt after attempting pregnancy for three years. While trying to conceive we considered adoption several times during the process. The idea of... [more]

Stepfamily Humor

Laughing at and with ourselves is a great way to relieve stress and take ourselves less seriously.Kevin & Kell This comic strip is a classic of blended family humor. Kevin (rabbit) and Kell (wolf)... [more]

Guide to Adoption for Health Care & Counseling Professionals

Pros •To the point •Debunks common myths •Easy to read Cons •The word "birthmother" used pre-placement The Bottom Line - Good, concise information for pregnancy... [more]

Who Can Adopt?

Different types of adoption have different requirements. So, in order to know if you're eligible to adopt, you must first choose which program you want to use, including domestic, international, or... [more]

Trying to Conceive (TTC) and Adopting

Can they be done at the same time? Is it a good idea? Traditionally, those with fertility problems have been told to move past the stage of TTC (trying to conceive, generally via assisted... [more]

Travel Toys and Books

The best toys to keep children occupied while traveling will be those that involve you as well, allow you to create stories with or without a lot of language, and are not limited to a narrow age... [more]

Father's Day by Tom Fisher - Adoption Poetry - Reader Contribution

Contributed by: Tom Fisher It's Father's Day, and I feel alone No child to hold and call my own. I had one once, but it died before birth No chance to take steps upon this earth. I am a... [more]

The Open Records Debate

The Issue - Summary One of the hottest issues in adoption today, not only in the U.S., but around the world as well, is whether or not adoptees should have unrestricted access to their original... [more]

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