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Tennessee State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: An adult may be adopted with consent.Most Relevant Tennessee Statute: Title 36, Chapter 1 § 36-1-107§ 36-1-11736-1-107. Persons to whom this part is applicable. (c) An adult... [more]

Adoption Poetry - Poems About Adoption

A selection of poetry from well-known poems such as "The Adoption Creed" and "Legacy of an Adopted Child," to poems written for entrustment ceremonies and to express the widest possible range of... [more]

IAI Publishes Journalist's Guide to Adoption - Press Release

IAI Publishes Journalist's Guide to Adoption For More Information Contact: Kathryn Creedy Institute for Adoption Information Tel: 802-442-7135 email: IAI PUBLISHES JOURNALIST'S GUIDE TO... [more]

Legal Options for Relative Caregivers - Page 4 - Standby and Permanent Guardianship

Some States: Standby and Permanent Guardianship Copyright 2002, Generations United. Reprinted with permission of Generations United http://www.gu.org/   ... [more]

Pink Candy - Recipes from the Adoption Community

PINK CANDY contributed by Otelynx      Ingredients 10 peppermint candy canes2 bags white chocolate chips    Preparation In a food processor grind the candy canes until... [more]

Reporting Adoption Fraud Scams Unethical Practices

If you think you've been defrauded, or are being approached in unethical ways concerning your adoption plans, look here for where and how to report them. Attorneys General Contact them! Listings... [more]

Biographical Summary: Joan Hollinger

reprinted from materials distributed at the symposiumJoan Hollinger is a leading American scholar on the legal and psychosocial aspects of adoptive family relationships. As a Visiting Professor of... [more]

Preparing Children for Court - Chapter I

Part 1: Introduction More of this Feature •Part 1:... [more]

Becoming a Foster Parent

Foster parents provide a temporary, safe home for children in crisis. They are part of the child's support, treatment, and care programs. They are partners of the child's social worker, attorney,... [more]

Rosie O Adopts Again

Dateline: 01/05/00 Rosie O'Donnell has adopted her third child, a son named Blake Christopher. Blake was born a month prematurely, on December 5th, and is now home with mom Rosie, brother Parker... [more]

Dave Thomas, 1932-2002

On Tuesday, January 8, 2002, Dave Thomas died at age 69. Perhaps best known to the world at large as the founder of Wendy's restaurants, Thomas was widely recognized as one of the most vocal and... [more]

Adoption Book Review - The Russian Word for Snow by Janis Cooke Newman - Book Review

"The Russian Word for Snow: A True Story of Adoption" by Janis Cooke Newman Publisher: St. Martin's Press ISBN: 0312252145 I don't know when a book has gotten me so... [more]

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