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Adoption Book Review - The Same Smile - by Susan M. Souza with Joanne M. Harrington

"The Same Smile: : The Triumph of A Mother's Love After Losing Two Daughters" by Susan M. Souza with Joanne M. Harrington "The Same Smile" Pros •Very... [more]

Adoption Attitudes - Cartoon (c) Dan Wasserman

Originally published in "Adoption Nation: How The Adoption Revolution is Transforming America," by Adam Pertman [more]

Maria\'s Adoption Narrative - Part 1 - Reader Submission

I am a single, non dieting, Hispanic woman living in the panhandle of Florida. I own and operate a successful business from my 39-acre farm. I have lots of animals on the farm, dogs, a cat, goats,... [more]

Adopting Natasha: Independent Adoption from Ukraine

Journal of an Independent Adoption From Ukraine 22-Oct-2000 I will be traveling to Ukraine to adopt my girl or boy 3 - 6 years old. The plane leaves on November 25 at 1100AM and I arrive in... [more]

Legal Options for Caregivers - Page 3 - Open Adoption (agreements) and De Facto Custodian

Some States: Open Adoption (agreements) & De Facto Custodian Copyright 2002, Generations United. Reprinted with permission of Generations United http://www.gu.org/   ... [more]

HHS Awards $4M for Adoption Opportunities - Press Release

HHS Awards $4 Million to Improve Opportunities for Adoption Date: October 23, 2002For Release: ImmediatelyContact: ACF Public Affairs(202) 401-9215HHS AWARDS $4 MILLION TO IMPROVEOPPORTUNITIES FOR... [more]

Adoption Benefits from Employers

The Best Benefits Based on a 2001 report from the National Adoption Center, the employers listed below offer the best adoption benefits to their employees:ABB CE Nuclear PowerApplied... [more]

International Adoption Medicine

If you are considering international adoption, the emotional and physical health of available children is sure to be one of first questions raised. Conditions in institutions and the level of care... [more]

Remember Me - by Michelle Schweiss - Adoption Poetry

by Michelle Schweiss They call me the birthmotherI am much more than that.I carried you for 9 monthsAnd was your mom thenNothing can ever change that.I loved you from day number oneAnd always wanted... [more]

Chat Transcript: Adam Pertman

The following is an edited (for brevity) transcript of our guest chat with Adam Pertman , author of Adoption Nation: How the Adoption Revolution Is Transforming America . adamp i guess i'm open... [more]

Helpful Tips for the Adoptive Grandparent

by Beth O'Malley, M.Ed. © 2001, All rights reserved Few things are more completely enjoyable than becoming a grandparent. Grandchildren are one of life's joys, whether they come by birth or... [more]

Child and Family Services Reviews - Overview

Factsheet The 1994 Amendments to the Social Security Act authorized the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to review State child and family service programs in order to ensure... [more]

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