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New Jersey State Regulations - Non-Identifying & Identifying Information

The New Jersey state registry is only for public agency adoptions through DFYS or its predecessors: BCS, SBCW, SBCG. Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: Adopted adults, adoptive parents of... [more]

Adoption Poetry - Poems About Adoption

A selection of poetry from well-known poems such as "The Adoption Creed" and "Legacy of an Adopted Child," to poems written for entrustment ceremonies and to express the widest possible range of... [more]

Real People: Birth Mothers

Sinners or Saints? Definition: As used in this article, a "birth mother" is a woman who has borne a child subsequently placed for adoption. Special thanks to the women who have allowed me... [more]

Net-Working: Email Lists

Email lists are a way for a group of people with the same interests to exchange topic- or subject-specific email messages. Messages sent to the list are stored centrally on the list server and... [more]

Illinois State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: Adults may be adopted when the person to be adopted has resided in the petitioner's home for 2 consecutive years in a parent-child type relationship, or where there is a "relationship" as... [more]

Australia/New Zealand Search Resources - search for birth family

For those searching in connection to adoptions finalized in Australia and New Zealand, here are some resources that may help. Adoption Research & Counselling Service Among the services... [more]

Precautions to Take in Infant Adoptions from an Adoptive Parent

Advice for a prospective adoptive parent from one with experience Experienced adoptive parents are often the best source of positive input about adoption - and also the best source of cautions... [more]

Kansas State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: Adults may be adopted with consent of the person to be adopted and spouse of the petitioner (if married).Most Relevant Kansas Statute: § 59-2113§ 59-2138 - 59-2142 59-2113 .... [more]

Biographical Summary: Marley Greiner

reprinted from materials distributed at the symposiumMarley Greiner is the Executive Chair and co-founder of Bastard Nation, an organization that seeks to further open adoption records movements,... [more]

Colorado State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: With court approval, an adult between the ages of 18 and 21 may be adopted as a child (child adoption statutes apply).Most Relevant Colorado Statute: § 19-5-20119-5-201 . Who may be... [more]

Adoption Fraud - Beware - be smart - and do the research

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." And the world of adoption – for both placing and adopting parents – is no exception. It's understandable that, in the... [more]

Ukraine Adoptions - What You Need to Know

Legal Requirements Ukrainian adoption regulations are very specific on these (and other) points: Pre-selection is not allowed. The law does not provide for the adoption of... [more]

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