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Patchwork Quilt - Adoption Poetry

by KJ The daughter's eyes, the smile of my son,I wonder where these things come from.My stringy hair, my gap-toothed grin,did a little of my past slip in?Is it Grandpa's wit, or auntie's love,or... [more]

New Hampshire State Regulations - Non-Identifying & Identifying Information

Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: Adopted adults age 18 or older and adoptive parents may obtain non-identifying information. Obtaining Identifying Information: Adopted adults age 21 or... [more]

Biographical Summary: Kathy Ledesma

reprinted from materials distributed at the symposiumKathy Ledesma is the Program Manager for Permanency and Adoption Services for the Oregon State Office for Services to Children and Families. ... [more]

Census Bureau Report on Adoption

Census Bureau News Release National Profile of Adoptive Families Census Bureau Takes First Look at Adopted Children In its first-ever profile of America's adopted children, the U.S. Census... [more]

Nebraska State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: An adult may be adopted, with consent, relinquishment, or other attending circumstances.Most Relevant Nebraska Statutes: § 43-101§ 43-10443-101 . Children eligible for adoption.... [more]

Maine State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: An adult may be adopted, with consent.Most Relevant Maine Statutes: § 9-102§ 9-202§ 9-3029-102 . Definitions. (i) "Petitioner" means a person filing a petition to adopt an... [more]

Make a Difference with Books

Book Recommendations/Reviews from our Editor Books can be a wonderfully effective tool for those advocating for change. Encouraging others to read is a great way to finally bury adoption's... [more]

Adoption Search Lesson Series - What You Need to Know About Reunion Registries

Adoption Reunion Registries are listings of those seeking to reconnect with members of their biological families from whom they have been separated due to adoption. Some registries charge fees to... [more]

Adopting Parents - Child Adoption - Basics

Books Chat Forum Newsletter FOR RESIDENTS OF: Canada | Other Countries Resources Adoption Specialists ... [more]

A Ghost at Heart\'s Edge - Adoption Book Review

Pros •A wonderful selection of stories Cons •None The Bottom Line - A beautiful anthology presenting experiences and thoughts on adoption that will resonate with every reader. ... [more]

Social Surrogacy

 Related Resources • Embryo Adoption • Peas in a Pod: Cloning   ... [more]

From Sheri's Point of View

My name is Sheri Pharo and my husband's name is Darwin. We had been made aware that we were unable to have children biologically, We had decided to choose adoption as a way to build our much-wanted... [more]

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