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Adoption Books - Bullets on the Bund by Steve Whan

purchase info Bullets on the Bund: An Autumn Jade Mystery by Steve Whan Publisher: Autumn Jade Publishing, 2001 ISBN: 0-9688198-0-X Meet Autumn Jade, a 12 year old... [more]

Wasn\'t Love Supposed to be Enough? Biographies of a Long-Term Adoptive Parent Support Group book re

Wasn't Love Supposed to be Enough? Biographies of a Long-Term Adoptive Parent Support Group by Barbara VanSlyck, Ellen Wristen, Alan Dupre-Clark, Richard Mague, Rosemary Haggerty Publisher: ... [more]

Video review - Secrets and Lies - Adoption Video

"Secrets & Lies" A Mike Leigh film Pros • Top quality acting • Wonderful combination of humor and drama ... [more]

The Issue - Pre-Birth Relinquishment - Adoption

Introduction Dateline: March 09, 2003 More of this Feature ... [more]

A Few Words on Words in Adoption

How we hear the words Guest author Brenda Romanchik is the Director of Insight: Open Adoption Resources and Support , an organization dedicated to providing triad members, professionals and the... [more]

A Prayer for a Smiling Heart - Adoption Poetry

by Sandra Pears-Wilson aka Baby Girl Hart The Sun and Moon appear with each day that passes And not a day goes by that I don't think of you I gaze up into the night sky in awe of the stars... [more]

Wrongful Adoption - Withholding Information - Agency Ethics Truth Disclosure

This legal term refers to the failure on the part of an agency or a worker to disclose known information, or information that should be known, about a child to the prospective adoptive parents.NY... [more]

The Rose - by Jo Hamilton - Adoption Poetry

by Jo Hamilton [more]

My Father's Promises - Adoption Poetry - by Melissa Dawn

by Melissa Dawn I promise to be by your side,To hold you tight and keep you safe and warm.Take your hand in my hand, and guide you in the right direction.Keep you fed and tuck you in to bed,Like a... [more]

Adoption and Foster Care Biographies - Orphan Trains - Adoption History

The Orphan Trains: 1854-1930 <Back to Last Page ><Full Listing > Also Known As: Baby Trains, Mercy Trains History: Between 1854 and 1930, an estimated 150,000 to 200,000... [more]

Learn About Children Waiting for Adoption

Who are the Waiting Children in the U.S. Foster Care System? Teenagers. Sibling groups. Children with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. Children who have been abused and neglected. ... [more]

Mississippi State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: An adult may be adopted, with consent, and subject to laws that apply to the adoption of a minor.Most Relevant Mississippi Statute: § 93-17-3(1)(see entire code )93-17-3 . Who may be... [more]

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