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Birthright by Jean Strauss - Adoption Book Review

by Jean Strauss "Birthright" by Jean Strauss Pros •Includes viewpoints from all triad segments •Balanced presentation of the emotional aspects •Extremely... [more]

Considering Special Needs Infant Adoption

with Merryl Klein, CSW Supervisor of ASAP - Spence-Chapin Services program for the placement of infants with special medical and/or developmental needs. I would like to use this forum both to... [more]

Vermont State Regulations - Adopting an Adult

Summary: Any adult may be adopted, but spouses may not adopt each other.Most Relevant Vermont Statutes: Title 15A, Chapter 5. Adoption of Adults and Emancipated Minors§ 15A-5-101§... [more]

Adoption University - Lesson Plans for Schools

I recently had the opportunity to review Adoption University ® , a curriculum developed for high school students by Deb Brandt of the Nebraska Children's Home Society (NCHS). The program is... [more]


Grants to Promote Adoption Awareness. Announcement from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) October 15, 2001For Immediate ReleaseContact:ACF Press Office(202) 401-9215HHS AWARDS... [more]

Nebraska State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: An adult may be adopted, with consent, relinquishment, or other attending circumstances.Most Relevant Nebraska Statutes: § 43-101§ 43-10443-101 . Children eligible for adoption.... [more]

Iowa State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: Adults may be adopted with consent of the person to be adopted.Most Relevant Iowa Statutes: § 600.3§ 600.7 600.3. Commencement of adoption action--jurisdiction--forum non... [more]

Who Will Pay to Help Our Children Heal?

"I sit here in the quiet of the morning," wrote Julie Morgan (not her real name) this past July, "thinking about how I tell my daughter that we have to give up custody of her." At... [more]

Adoption Search Lesson Series - Using Libraries for Search and Research

Libraries (and librarians) are a wonderful resource for searchers. These include public libraries, school and university libraries, and genealogical libraries. Search Note: Unless your information... [more]

Learn About Adoption Costs and Fees

How High/Low are Adoption Costs and Fees? Domestic public agency adoption Domestic private agency adoption Domestic independent adoption Intercountry private agency or independent adoption ... [more]

Oregon Judge Upholds Open Records Law

Dateline: 07/19/99 Updated: 05/30/00 The US Supreme Court has rejected a last-minute emergency plea to delay Measure 58. Records opened in Oregon as of 5 :01 PM today, May 30, 2000. Previous... [more]

Georgia State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: Adults may be adopted with consent of the person to be adopted.Most Relevant Georgia Statute: § 19-8-2119-8-21 . (a) Adult persons may be adopted on giving written consent to the... [more]

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