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South America Search Resources - search for birth family

For those searching in connection to adoptions finalized in South American, here are some country-specific resources that may help. Colombian Adoptees Search & Support A mail list for... [more]

Wrongful Adoption - Withholding Information - Agency Ethics Truth Disclosure

This legal term refers to the failure on the part of an agency or a worker to disclose known information, or information that should be known, about a child to the prospective adoptive parents.NY... [more]

Biographical Summary: Marley Greiner

reprinted from materials distributed at the symposiumMarley Greiner is the Executive Chair and co-founder of Bastard Nation, an organization that seeks to further open adoption records movements,... [more]

Michigan State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: An adult may be adopted, with consent.Most Relevant Michigan Statutes: Michigan Adoption Code 710.21 - 710.70 710.22. Definitions As used in this chapter:"Adoptee" means the individual who... [more]

Book Review - Like Family by Paula McLain

"Like Family," by Paula McLain Paula McLain's memoir of growing up in foster care Publisher: Little Brown & Company; 1st edition (March 2003) ISBN: 0316597422 Hardcover, 240... [more]

A Ghost at Heart\'s Edge - Adoption Book Review

Pros •A wonderful selection of stories Cons •None The Bottom Line - A beautiful anthology presenting experiences and thoughts on adoption that will resonate with every reader. ... [more]

Stepfamily Humor

Laughing at and with ourselves is a great way to relieve stress and take ourselves less seriously.Kevin & Kell This comic strip is a classic of blended family humor. Kevin (rabbit) and Kell (wolf)... [more]

Guest Author - Emil Baldwin Jr LSW

Articles Foster Parenting: Celebrate the Vision Looking for Mr./Ms. Goodworker Preparing Children for Court Stress in the Foster Home Biographical Information Emil Baldwin,... [more]

Child and Family Services Reviews - Permanency

Permanency Outcome 1: Children have permanency and stability in their living situations. Performance indicators: Foster care re-entries Stability of foster care placement Permanency goal for... [more]

Public Court Records - Search Tips - Adoption

Court appearances are recorded in a Minutes Log or Docket Book at local courthouses. These are public records. They can usually be found in the Office of the Prothonotary or in the Orphans Court... [more]

Late Discovery Adoptees - LDAs

Resources, information and support for late discovery adoptees, those who discovered or were told of their adopted status as adults. An LDA Speaks Out Ilene Rachel, a Late Discovery Adoptee,... [more]

Pre-Adoption Parenting Classes - Are They Necessary?

Are They Necessary? Do adopting parents need to learn how to parent? If love were the only requirement for being a good parent, the answer would be almost always be "no" but, as we all... [more]

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