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Hawai'i State Regulations - Non-Identifying & Identifying Information

Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: Adoptive parents and adopted adults may receive ethnic and medical history.Obtaining Identifying Information: For adoptions finalized before January 1, 1991,... [more]

The Open Records Debate

The Issue - Summary One of the hottest issues in adoption today, not only in the U.S., but around the world as well, is whether or not adoptees should have unrestricted access to their original... [more]

Adopting from Russia

A moratorium on Russia adoptions by Americans has been proposed and will be on the agenda when the Russian Duma (Parliament) reconvenes in mid-September, 2005, after the summer break. Any... [more]

Adoption Subsidy - Negotiating and Renegotiating Your Child's Contract

What is it, and does my child qualify? Questions: What is an adoption subsidy? Do internationally adopted children qualify? Does my child qualify? Why do I have to "negotiate" a subsidy... [more]

Adoption Laws & Legal Resources by State

Legal resources and full text of adoption laws (including stepparent adoption) where available, plus law summaries and explanations. Includes information about adopting, search, relinquishment, state... [more]

Adoption Search Lesson Series - Making the Decision to Start an Adoption Search

As mentioned in the article "Search Basics for Beginners" , one of the first questions faced - certainly by adult adoptees, and by many birth parents, either in online or offline... [more]

Preparing Children for Court - Chapter I

Part 1: Introduction More of this Feature •Part 1:... [more]

Book Review - A Single Square Picture - A story of adoption search and reunion

by Katy Robinson In exploring her Korean beginnings, Katy Robinson offers much more than an honest and insightful look at search and reunion. Reminiscent of "Secrets and Lies," the book is... [more]

Adoption Chat Transcript - Transition from Orphanage to Home

Chat Transcript with Rita Taddonio, CSW Director of SPARK (Child Development program) at Spence-Chapin Sleeping Transition Guest: What do you think about sleeping arrangements for when you... [more]

Arkansas State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: Any adult may adopt another adult, with consent of spouse.Most Relevant Arkansas Statutes: § 9-9-203§ 9-9-207§ 9-9-2069-9-203 . Who may be adopted. Any individual may be... [more]

Adoption Month Calendar - An Activity Every Day!

Calendar of Activities 30 days of activities for November... or any time of year. Adoption awareness is always important! Nov. 01 - Start Collage Nov. 02 - Videos Nov. 03 - Stories Nov. 04 -... [more]

Tennessee State Regulations - Non-Identifying & Identifying Information

Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: Adopted adults age 18 or older, adoptive parents, stepparents or legal parents of an adopted adult, birth parents, birth siblings, and direct descendants of... [more]

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