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From Sheri's Point of View

My name is Sheri Pharo and my husband's name is Darwin. We had been made aware that we were unable to have children biologically, We had decided to choose adoption as a way to build our much-wanted... [more]

Preparing for the Arrival of Your Child - Daily Routine Needs - Adoption

Daily Routine Needs Fortunately, there are many book titles available that detail the basic daily needs of children of all ages. Here are just a few things to keep in mind: Food Two year olds... [more]

A Modern Day Miracle: An Adoption Story

Sometimes, even today, miracles happen. I don't mean the spectacular miracles, I mean the quiet ones - the miracles that happen when just the right things happen at just the right time to just the... [more]

Adoption Awareness for Teachers - building classroom sensitivity to adoption

Building sensitivity in the classroom As the number of adopted children in classrooms continues to rise each year, early childhood programs must begin to educate teachers about adoption issues.... [more]

President Bush Proclaims Adoption Month - Adoption

National Adoption Month, 2004 By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation By deciding to share their hearts and homes with a child, adoptive parents demonstrate great... [more]

The Ohio Putative Father Registry - The What?

Guest Column by Erik L. Smith I am a single man. Yet I had been in Ohio for over a year before hearing of the Ohio Putative Father Registry, and then only in a Probate Law class. The professor was... [more]

Pink Candy - Recipes from the Adoption Community

PINK CANDY contributed by Otelynx      Ingredients 10 peppermint candy canes2 bags white chocolate chips    Preparation In a food processor grind the candy canes until... [more]

Washington DC Regulations - Adopting an Adult

Summary: Adults may be adopted.Most Relevant DC Statutes: § 16-303§ 16-30416-303 . Persons Adopted. A person, whether a minor or an adult, may be adopted. 16-304 . Consent (f) A person... [more]

Adoptive and Foster Family Education Conspicuously Online

Conspicuously Online "Conspicuous Families: Race, Culture & Adoption" is just one of a growing number of quality online education resources for our families, friends, educators, and... [more]

False Abuse Allegations - Adoption and Foster Care - by Rita Laws PhD - Why False Allegations Occur

More of this Feature •Part 1: Why False Allegations Occur •Part 2: Checklist for Parents ... [more]

Adoption Statistics and Trends

Abortion Incidence and Services in the US Results from the Alan Guttmacher Institute's 1995-1996 survey are compiled with statistics dating back to 1973. Adoption & Foster Care Statistics ... [more]

Adoption Subsidy - Negotiating and Renegotiating Your Child's Contract

What is it, and does my child qualify? Questions: What is an adoption subsidy? Do internationally adopted children qualify? Does my child qualify? Why do I have to "negotiate" a subsidy... [more]

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