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Vermont State Regulations - Adopting an Adult

State Law on Adult Adoption Vermont Summary: Any adult may be adopted.Most Relevant Vermont Statutes: §1-1021-102 . Who may adopt or be adopted. Subject to this title, any person may... [more]

No-Bake Cookies - Recipes from the Adoption Community

NO-BAKE COOKIES contributed by Toni2278      Ingredients 2 cups of sugar 1 stick of butter 6 tbsp of cocoa 1/2 cup milk 2 tsp vanilla3 cups of oatmeal    Preparation Bring... [more]

Biographical Summary: Kathy Ledesma

reprinted from materials distributed at the symposiumKathy Ledesma is the Program Manager for Permanency and Adoption Services for the Oregon State Office for Services to Children and Families. ... [more]

North Dakota State Laws - Adopting an Adult

Summary: An adult may be adopted with own consent and consent of spouse (if married).Most Relevant North Dakota Statutes: Chapter 14-15: Revised Uniform Adoption Act. 14-15-02. Who may be adopted.... [more]

I Thought of You Today - Adoption Poetry

...while tying my shoes. I looked up and your picture was smiling down at me from the wall....while I was driving around. I passed my old school, and I remembered graduation day. You were there to... [more]

If Only... - Adoption Poetry - by Cheryl

by Cheryl If only she knew how much I need herTo hold me and share with me her voice of approval.If only she knew the connection that I feel to herThe way that my heart pounds when I simply think of... [more]

HHS Awards $4M for Adoption Opportunities - Press Release

HHS Awards $4 Million to Improve Opportunities for Adoption Date: October 23, 2002For Release: ImmediatelyContact: ACF Public Affairs(202) 401-9215HHS AWARDS $4 MILLION TO IMPROVEOPPORTUNITIES FOR... [more]

False Abuse Allegations - Adoption and Foster Care - by Rita Laws PhD - Why False Allegations Occur

More of this Feature •Part 1: Why False Allegations Occur •Part 2: Checklist for Parents ... [more]

Seeking to Adopt - Take the Adoption Self-Assessment

The purpose of the assessment is to help you clarify your feelings and goals as you consider adoption. If you have a partner, complete the assessment separately, then compare and discuss your... [more]

Mom, I'm Going to be a Father

Shock and surprise © 2001 'NANA' (Carol Evans) Reprinted with permission All rights reserved When I look around my living room I notice that we have not *caught up* with what has happened... [more]

Adoption Book Review | Adoption Forum by Kasey Hamner

"Adoption Forum: Intimate Discussions to Unite the Triad in Healing," by Kasey Hamner Pros • Includes all opinions ... [more]

16 Steps to Older Parent Adoption

16 Points to Remember You CAN adopt. You are both allowed to adopt, and capable of being a good parent. You don't need to be superman or superwoman . Remember, even if you lack the... [more]

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